Okay, so there’s only one book, but over the last seven years, Contested Boundaries: A New Pacific Northwest History (John Wiley and Sons, 2016) has sold better than many. It is an engaging, contemporary look at the themes, events, and people that have shaped the history of the Pacific Northwest over the last two centuries.  It is currently used in more than 15 colleges and universities in Washington State.

Contested Boundaries

Contested Boundaries includes twelve theme-driven essays covering the human and environmental impact of exploration, trade, settlement and industrialization in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The work has been widely lauded for making regional history accessible, relevant.

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Unbelonging a Novel About Seattle

I’ve made a decent living writing nonfiction for nearly 40 years, first as a journalist, then in corporate communications and for the last 15 years in regional history.  As satisfying as that has been, I’ve always had a yearning to test my skills at fiction.  For the last two years, I have been plugging away at a novel about Seattle in the immediate years following WW II.  It was a tumultuous time in an emerging , dynamic city and makes for great storytelling.  The goal is to publish in 2024.


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