I often tell my students that I’m not their father’s history teacher.  My approach to teaching history is simple – awakening students to the richness of America’s past.  Whether it’s a college freshmen or an 80-something, lifelong learner, people love history told through stories.  But there is a purpose behind the stories.  My mantra is clear: To make sense of the present, or have any hope of shaping the future, we must first understand the past. Young people, especially, need to know that what they learn today will help them cope with tomorrow.

Making history as entertaining as it is informative

Student Feedback

Few things are more gratifying for educators than seeing evidence you’ve reached a student.  I’ve received countless positive reviews over the years, but few have touched me more than this one, which she wrote on her final exam.  She aced the question on the suffrage movement by the way.